Tour Information


Palandöken Ski Centre is in southern Erzurum and lies in the east-west direction the summit is 3185m. Erzurum has one of the coldest climates and is one of the highest altitude positioned provincies of Turkey covered with a blanket of snow for 4-5 months during winter.Under normal weather conditions in Palandöken Ski Centre the snow can reach upto 2-3 metres high. Our package tour includes all airport transfers, round trip flight ticket, 1 night all inclusive resort accommodation.


1 night & 2 days Ski Tour at Palandoken


Day 1 : Pick up from your hotel in Istanbul at 09:00  and transfer to airport to take 14:25 flight to Erzurum. We will meet you at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Lunch and Dinner included. Accommodation at Ski Resort in Palandoken.


Day 2 : Free day. Pick up at 12:00 and transfer to Erzurum Airport to take 14:25 flight to Istanbul. We will meet you at the airport and transfer to your hotel. Breakfast and lunch included.


The cost of the programme is 450 Euro per person. The price is subject to availability of economy class flight tickets for the requested tour date.


Tour Package Includes

4 airport transfer

Round Trip dometic flight tickets

Open buffet breakfast, and dinner

Free Wireless


Please note that you may rent the ski equipments, ski pass  and taking courses through the hotel. The expenses will be self payment.


Palandöken Ski Centre has some of the longest and perpendicular tracks in Turkey. The ski area in Palandöken Ski Centre is on a 2200-3176 height zone and the total lengh of the track reaches upto 28km. The longest track in Palandöken is 12km long. The altitude gap in Palandöken Ski Centre is about 1000m. With the inclusion of 8 easy tracks, 8 intermediate tracks, 2 advanced tracks and 4 road tracks in Palandöken Ski Centre there are in total 22 tracks and 2 of them with a registration number 1967-83 which are proclaimed as an "Olympic Track".


Furthermore in Palandöken Ski Centre there are Gondol telecabinets, 3200m /1500 people, physical education 3237m/300 people, a connection lift, 840m/900 people,a rookie lift 320m/900 people, a baby lift 200m/300 people, teleski 800m/650 people, southern lift 1528m/800 people, a valley lift 1200m/800 people, a dragon lift 1778m/938 people and also 350m/180 people capacitied snow tubing boat.