Tour Information

I am Arabic and English speaking local Turkish tour guide. I am 41 years old born in Sanliurfa known as the Land of Prophets. As born in Sanliurfa, I was grown up in a very historical and spiritual atmosphare. My home town was very close by to Mt. Nemrut, Harran, Gobeklitepe and Mardin where I visited in young ages.


I had fallen in love with History in my childhood which encouraged me to be a tour guide. I speak fluent Arabic and very good English. I can guide at all sites of Turkey including Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Mt. Nemrut, Sanliurfa, Mardin and Mt. Ararat. I mostly work as a private guide for families.


I am also currently the President of Adana Regional Chamber of Tourist Guides. I am trying to contribute the developement of tourism in South East Turkey. Additionally, I am a freelance actor and author about history.


I will be glad to guide you on your tours in Turkey, especially through the central and east Turkey. You shall not have any doubts visiting these sites as you will have a local guide with you.

Ä°sa  guidance fees as follows :



Full day tour : 150 euros