Ramazan Bayrami will be celebrated during June 04th of June-06th of June  in Turkey for 2019. This is the second longest official holiday of the year and you shall check in advance the service times of the museums, public transportation companies, banks, post offices, pharmacies etc. We put below some useful information and links to get those details which will help you to decide what to do in Istanbul during Ramazan Bayrami.

During The Month Ramadan; most Turkish people are on fast from dawn to dusk, and during Eid Ramadan, they stop fasting and visit their relatives and/or go on a vacation of a few days. 

The Month Ramadan does not have any remarkable effects on a traveller, especially in western cities of Turkey. However during Eid Ramadan; domestic passengers occupy a remarkably higher percentage of overall passenger transportation vehicles’ capacity around the country. Therefore we suggest you make your bookings earlier, i.e at least a month prior to the departure or so.

Travellers who have enjoyed their stay through the authentic times of The Month Ramadan in Istanbul, can travel during Eid Ramadan with the same comfort, by means of making their bookings earlier.

Respectfully submitted for the attention of dear visitors of our country.

Close Out Dates of the Museums in Istanbul during Ramazan Bayrami (Eid Ramadhan) :

Museums are closed in the mornings and opening in the afternoon and they are open depends on their regular schedules afterwards. Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar are closed for 3 days.