Turkey is the homeland of tulips and the tulip seeds were carried to Europe in the 18th century. Today, it is a festival through April to May and celebrated in Istanbul. The well-known parks of Istanbul and some streets are decoretd with different colour of tulips including white, red, pink, yellow and even black. The festival destinations are Emirgan Park in Sariyer, Yildiz Park in Besiktas, Gulhane Park in Sirkeci and Camlica Hill Park in Uskudar. 

Efendi Travel helps you for a half day or full day only car & driver tours to  get to best places to see the wonderful and colorful tulips of Istanbul. There are also coffees and restaurants in these parks to have a meal or snacks. You can have a very enjoyable day by attending one of these tours with Efendi Travel. Please contact with us for further information.