Tour Information

 This tour to Islamic Heritage sights in Turkey .You can visit most important sahaba tombs, mosques, and important places in Islamic history

Day 1: Arrival to Istanbul: One of our colleagues will be waiting for you at the arrival hall bearing a sign of Efendi Travel. He/she will accompany you to our vehicle and you will be transferred directly to your hotel. Accommodation in Istanbul.(No meal)

Day 2: We will start our tour by picking up you at 09:30 from your hotel and then we will drive to Underground Mosque in Karaköy after that we will visit Tombs of Amr Bin Asr and  Süfyân bin Uyeyne.After that we will take a ferry ride to Eyup and we will visit to Tombs of Ebu Darda and then Eyup Al Ansari after that we will visit Eyup Mosque from there will continue to Abu Sybeti Tomb . After we finish that tomb we will drive to Merkez Efendi Area and visit tomb and Cemetry. After that we will drive to back to your hotel arround 16:30 .(Breakfast and lunch included)

 Day 3: Pick-up from your hotel and then visiting Topkapi Palace with Harem, Sultan Tombs, Blue Mosque and then have a lunch and visiting Suleymaniye Mosque, Fatih Mosque and back to hotel and Accomodation in Istanbul. .(Breakfast and lunch included)

Day 4:  Drive to Edirne and then visiting following places  Most of the gravestones can be seen in SELIMIYE MOSQUE EXHIBITION SQUARE at the backyard of Selimiye Mosque just in front of the archeological museum,  BEYLERBEYI MOSQUE of graveyard approximately  representing the last period of Ottoman empire gravestones with signs on, GAZIMIHAL MOSQUE graveyard on the way to University campus with marvellous Janissary  bork gravestones, HACILAR EZANI exhibition square  with high officals sarcophagus and gravestones, HASAN SEZAI shrine as the most visited holy center of  Edirne with Gulşeni sect headgears, KUŞÇU DOĞAN MOSQUE graveyard in the central part of the downtown, MURADIYE MOSQUE cemetery located on one of the hills of the city opposite of Selimiye, TURKISH-ISLAMIC ART MUSEUM square with really unique Janissary officers gravestones with signs in the large  courtyard of the museum and UC SEREFELI MOSQUE graveyard having the last term of Ottoman high bureaucrats have been buried with different headgears. Back to Hotel and Accomodation in Edirne. .(Breakfast and lunch included)


Day 5: Drive to Bursa  and then we will see following places .  EMIR SULTAN shrine and its large cemetery with splendid  marble sarcophagus and tombstones from  14th century to the beginning of 20th centuries, the GREEN TOMB where the fifth Ottoman Sultan Chalabi Mehmet I was buried under a domed shrines with his wives and childern worth seeing wonderful Nicea-İznik-tiles,  MURAD HUDAVENDIGAR  shrine placed on one of the hills overlooking the Bursa city with a small graveyard around, KARABAS WALI shrine in old part of Bursa city   worth visiting  sheik’s shrine and  the small graveyard in order to breath spiritual atmosphere,  MURADIYE tombs is  placed on another hill covering a large area with hundreds of gravestones and 13 Ottoman princes & princesses  are buried  in domed shrines as the masterpieces of Ottoman burial artwork  around Muradiye Kulliye-the big complex  consisiting of a beautiful mosque in the centre, TOPHANE hill with Osman and Orhan Sultans sarcophagi at the summit of old Bursa city,   SEYYID USUL and Uftade , two of the famous Islamic scholars, their  shrines are another stops to visit and to see wonderful gravestones and sect masters ‘ sarcophagi in different parts of Bursa where their madrasahs were turned into small museums today,  TURKISH-ISLAMIC ART MUSEUM is a must to pay a visit during Bursa trip and some unique Janissary gravestones are on display in its garden with special badges on and ZEYNILER is the last place to see   the oldest 14th century Ottoman gravestones  around a small shrine..Accomodation in Bursa .(Breakfast and lunch included)

 Day 6 : Drive to Denizli BEYCE SULTAN SHRINE-one of the caliphs of hadji Baktashi Vali-buried in a domed shrine next to the oldest tmulus of Denizli, HIRKA MOSQUE GRAVEYARD in Tavas town, ILBADI CEMETERY-the largest & oldest cemetery with unique shrines & gravestones in the center of Denizli city, KURBAĞALI KIPÇAK CEMETERY with unique balbal in which the signs are carved on, SARI ISMAIL SULTAN SHRINE-assistant of Hadjı Baktashi Vali- with unique Baktashi sect gravestones, OZDEMIRCI GOKTURK CEMETERY with ancient & tall balbal stones & Kurgans and TAVAS MOSQUE GRAVEYARD containing with Tavas Lords’s endengared tomstones with Fes headgears.Accomodation in Denizli .(Breakfast and lunch included)

Day 7 : Drive to Konya and then visiting MEVLANA Museum and Mevlana TombAlladdin Hill and Sems-I Tebrizi Tomb in Konya and Accomodation in Konya. .(Breakfast and lunch included)

Day 8: Drive to Sanlıurfa over Adana we will taste nice Turkish foods and Visiting Sabancı Mosque ,Ulu Mosque ,Taşköprü and Kemeraltı Mosque and Accomodation in Adana. .(Breakfast and lunch included)

Day 9: Drive to Urfa and then we will visit Abraham’s cave and the pond of the holy fish , Rizvaniye mosque and medrese, Halil-ur Rahman mosque and Accomodation in Urfa. .(Breakfast and lunch included)

Day 10Transfer from your hotel and then have a flight to Istanbul and then transfer to your hotel in Istanbul. .(Breakfast and lunch included)

 Day 11: You will be picked up from your hotel depending on your flight time and transferred to the airport directly for your departure flight. .(Breakfast and lunch included)



Hotel Accomodation at Following Hotels Or Similiar Ones








Transportation w/ Ford Focus or similar type A/C vehicle

Urfa-Istanbul flight tickets

3 airport transfers in Istanbul - Entrance fees to the sites visited

Breakfast at hotel (or on the way where not possible)

Lunch on the tours (except drinks)


 Excluding Services

·       - Dinner

·       - Personal expenses