Tour Information

Paragliding Opportunity Is With You In Tekirdağ Uçmakdere! You can also experience the pleasure of touching the sky in the facilities that are only 2 hours away from Istanbul.

We will pick-up you from your hotel and then transfer to bus station in Istanbul and we provide your bus to Tekirdag and once you reach there, you will be picked up for paragliding. After that depens on your choice you can try fly at 350 meters or 650 meters, after that you can spend time at location or back to Istanbul.

After flight you will be directed to public transportation and then have a bus to Istanbul, we will provide your bus ticket back to Istanbul and on your arrival to bus station you will have a public transportation or taxi to your hotel.

Cost will be 240  Eur  person for 350m, and 250 Eur  for 650m including 1 way airport transfer in Istanbul, bus ticket for Tekirdag return, arrival transfer to location in Tekirdag, on your return you will use public transportation to reach bus station in Tekirdag and your hotel to Istanbul from Istanbul bus station , but while you are going there we will provide transfers