Tour Information

Pergamon or Pergamum to Pergamon, ( Pergamos) was ancient Greek City , currently located 26 kilometres (16�mi) from the Agean Sea

You will be picked up from your hotel at around 08:00-08:30, then drive to Bergama City. It is a 1,5 hour drive from Izmir to Pergamum. It takes 3 hours’ drive from Kusadasi. Pergamum had a significant place of its own in all Asia. Historically the city was the capital of the greatest Kingdom that existed in this region. The city is situated at 100 km north of Izmir. The Roman historian Pliny Called it: "By far the most famous city in all Asia". The cause for this importance was this: When John wrote his Letter, Pergamum had been a capital city for almost four hundred years. After the mythical times, Pergamum had been the scene of several cultures, ranging from those of the Stone and Bronze Ages until the Archaic and Classical Periods. Among the temples, palaces and agoras, the Asclepiad, which were constructed in the course of one century, belonged the big Zeus Altar and the Parchment Library. They stand as the most brilliant works of Art of the fourth and third century B.C. in Anatolia. The Parchment Library housed the most famous collection of Books of that time, written on a type of  processed lamb and goat skins. This was a process invented in Pergamum, when the rulers of Ptolemaic Egypt embargoed the export of Egyptian papyrus sheets to Pergamum. Other magnificent buildings of this period  are the Temple of Athena and those of Demeter and Dyonisos. After The Lunch We will continue to Asclepion. Asclepion was known under the name of "The Pergamum God of Health". In ancient times there were in this part of the world three favorite religious shrines and holy places. They were: the Artemisia of Ephesus, the Apollo cult of Delphi and that of Asclepius Pergamum. Asclepius the deity health and medicine served the people for several hundred years; thus making Pergamum a medical Centre of very great importance. Famous medical Scholars, like Hippocrates and Galenus, were born in Pergamum and worked there. After the tour, you will be transferred to your hotel in Kusadasi. 

This is a regular group tour in English. There are about 15-20 people on the tour. The tour operates between 09:00-17:00 with pick up and drop off from your hotel. The tour includes transportation with A/C vehicles, entrance fees, lunch (except drinks) and professional guidance in English. The tour guides speak fluent English and licensed by The Ministry of Culture and specialized about the site. The tour may include some shopping facilities for local products if time will be available.

180  EUR per person for regular tours (Minimum 4 People)
600 EUR for 2 people for a private tour
50 % discount for 6-12 years old – smaller kids are free.